Physique 57 trainers since 2019

Mantra. Be good. Do good.
Favorite position. Standing side seat
My fuel. Sun and fresh air.
Proudest moments. Losing 12 kg ;)
Favorite cheat meal. Fries and chips

Physique 57 Trainer since November 2018

My fuel: As cheesy as it sounds, my students fuel me. I feed off of their energy every class!
Proudest moment: Saying yes to Physique57 KSA and helping lay the foundations of the technique here in Riyadh
Favorite cheat meal:
  - Pizza
  - Shrimp with rice
  - Samyang Spicy Noodles with Dumplings

Physique 57 Trainer since November 2018

My mantra: Progress is progress no matter how small.
Favorite Physique57 position: Wide second position
My fuel: Students who show up and and who are willing to learn (Also coffee hehe)
Proudest moments: When students had a good a work out and when they feel fulfilled