Each move and minute counts

Using your own bodyweight as resistance, the Physique 57 workout targets the muscles in your arms, thighs, seat and abs to the point of fatigue then stretches them for relief. Our effective process, called Interval Overload, includes muscle-defining arm exercises, intense thigh and seat sequences, waist-chiseling ab moves, and fluid stretches. It’s not easy but that’s exactly why it works.

Progress is the new perfection

The Physique 57 method meets you where you are — and equips you with tools to see progress from the very first workout. Are you new to a regular fitness routine or cross-training for competitive results? Looking to lose weight or generally “tone up”? Regardless, each of our classes is structured to maximize every minute and move with our signature (scientifically tested) choreography and expert instructors. From smile-inducing music to challenging moves and variations, our workouts never (ever) end in plateaus. It doesn’t get easier — you just get better.

Our moves look good on you

You’ll love (seeing) the changes in your body — and we mean every part of your body. From head to toe (and every muscle group in between) our method will strengthen and tone your muscles like nothing you’ve tried before.